Wednesday, June 04, 2014

New Books for June 2014

The following list contains materials recently acquired for the GTU Library.The majority of these titles will represent purchases of newly published materials. Older imprints are also purchased and gifts have been received to augment our collections. The titles are arranged in call number order; for help locating subject areas please see The Library of Congress for a complete directory.

B121 .B73 2014
Brahman and Dao : comparative studies of Indian and Chinese philosophy and religion.
Lanham : LEXINGTON BOOKS, [2014].

B765.T54 M216 2014
Maciejewski, Jeffrey J., author.
Thomas Aquinas on persuasion : action, ends, and natural rhetoric.
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2014].

B2430.D484 R46 2013
Re-reading Derrida : perspectives on mourning and its hospitalities.
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2013].

BF109.J8 M66 2013
Montgomery, Tammy L. (Tammy Lynn), 1958-
The angel in annunciation and synchronicity : knowledge and belief in C.G. Jung.
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2013].

BM525.A52 M37 2004
Zohar. English.
The Zohar = [Sefer ha-Zohar].
Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2004-<2012>

BM675.S35 S42 2013
Siddur. Sabbath. English. 2013.
Sidur lev shalem le-Shabat ve-yom tov = siddur lev shalem for shabbat & festivals.
New York : Rabbinical Assembly, 2013.

BR65.C66 B84 1999
Buell, Denise Kimber, 1965-
Making Christians : Clement of Alexandria and the rhetoric of legitimacy.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1999.

BR145.3 .C47 2001
Christianity : two thousand years.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.

BR339 .F73 2003
Fragmenta Melanchthoniana.
Heidelberg : Verlag Regionalkultur, c2003-

BS1235.53 .G653 2010
Goldingay, John.
Genesis for everyone.
Louisville, Ky. : Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.

BS1245.53 .G65 2010
Goldingay, John.
Exodus and Leviticus for everyone.
Louisville, Ky. : Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.

BS1430.2 H32 1986
Haar, Murray Joseph.
The God-Israel relationship in the community lament Psalms.
Richmond, Va. : [publisher not identified], 1986.

BS1555.53 .N45 2013
Nelson, William (William B.).
Grand Rapids, MI : Baker Books, c2013.

BS1560 .S94 2000
Sweeney, Marvin A. (Marvin Alan), 1953-
The twelve prophets.
Collegeville, Minn. : Liturgical Press, 2000.

BS2615.2 .L34 2005
Lafon, Guy.
La parole et la vie : Lectures de l'evangile selon Saint Jean.
Bruxelles : Lumen vitae, 2005.

BS2615.2 .O35 1999
O'Grady, John F.
According to John : the witness of the beloved disciple.
New York : Paulist Press, c1999.

BS2651 .F49 1993
Fitzmyer, Joseph A.
According to Paul : studies in the theology of the Apostle.
New York : Paulist Press, c1993.

BS2695.3 .N48 2002
Yoder Neufeld, Thomas R., 1947-
Waterloo, Ont. : Scottdale, Pa. : Herald Press, 2002.

BT93 .L56 2014
Lindsay, Mark R., 1971-
Reading Auschwitz with Barth : the holocaust as problem and promise for barthian theology.
Eugene, Oregon : Pickwick Publications, 2014.

BT97.3 .L37 2014
Larmer, Robert A. H., 1954- author.
The legitimacy of miracle.
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2014].

BT202 .S6213
Sobrino, Jon.
Cristologia desde America Latina. English.
Christology at the crossroads : a Latin American approach.
Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1978.

BT375.3 .B45 2013
Belliotti, Raymond A., 1948-
Jesus the radical : the parables of modern morality.
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington, [2013].

BT375.3 .O42 2002
Oldenhage, Tania.
Parables for our time : rereading New Testament scholarship after the Holocaust.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.

BV198 .T67 1988
Torch in the night : worship resources from South Africa.
New York : Friendship Press ; Washington, D.C. : Center of Concern, c1988.

BV639.W7 H28 1972
Harkness, Georgia Elma, 1891-1974.
Women in church and society; a historical and theological inquiry [by] Georgia Harkness.
Nashville, Abingdon Press [1971, c1972].

BV639.W7 S24 2006
Saintes ou sorcieres : l'heroisme chretien au feminin.
Paris : Eds. de Paris, c2006.

BV5082.2 .D85 1998
Dunn-Mascetti, Manuela.
Christian mysticism.
New York : Hyperion, c1998.

BV5095.B7 W423 1991
Weeks, Andrew.
Boehme : an intellectual biography of the seventeenth-century philosopher and mystic.
Albany : State University of New York Press, c1991.

BX1756.A1 D43 2013
DeBona, Guerric, 1955-
Between the Ambo and the altar : biblical preaching and the Roman missal, Year A.
Collegeville, Minnesota : Liturgical Press, [2013].

BX1787 .S45 2006
Sekhar, Vincent.
Practice of interreligious dialogue : a formation manual of education and training of clergy & religious.
Malleswaram West, Bangalore : Claretian Publications, 2006.

BX4827.B57 D4627 2013
Dem Rad in die Speichen fallen : das Politische in der Theologie Dietrich Bonhoeffers = A spoke in the wheel : the political in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Gutersloh : Gutersloher Verlagshaus, [2013].

CR4701 .I57 2006
International mobility in the military orders (twelfth to fifteenth centuries) : traveling on Christ's business.
Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c2006.

HQ767.15 .H68 2014
Houle, Karen, author.
Responsibility, complexity, and abortion : toward a new image of ethical thought.
Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, [2014].

JC233.M299 W45 2014
Weisman, Tama.
Hannah Arendt and Karl Marx : on totalitarianism and the tradition of western political thought.
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, 2014.

N910.T4 A6 2003
Marti Cotarelo, Monica.
Obras notables del Museo Nacional del Virreinato.
Mexico, D.F. : Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Direccion General de Publicaciones, c2003.

ND1043 .S9 1959
Sze, Mai-mai.
The way of Chinese painting, its ideas and technique; with selections from the seventeenth-century Mustard Seed Garden manual of painting.
New York, Random House [1959].

ND2897.C35 C355 2009
Illuminated manuscripts in Cambridge : a catalogue of Western book illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge colleges.
London : Harvey Miller Publishers in conjunction with the Modern Humanities Association, c2009-

P94 .S63 2013
Social media and the value of truth.
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2013].

PJ4583 .R49 2014
Reymond, Eric D.
Qumran Hebrew : an overview of orthography, phonology, and morphology.
Atlanta : Society of Biblical Literature, [2014].

PL839.A7 A25 2008
Tanizaki, Jun'ichiro, 1886-1965.
Inei raison. English.
In praise of shadows.
Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle Publ., [2008].

PN49 .L486 2013
Levinas and twentieth-century literature : ethics and the reconstitution of subjectivity.
Newark : University of Delaware Press, [2013].

PQ2237.E26 A22 2001
Elizabeth of the Trinity, Sister, 1880-1906.
Poems. English. Selections.
Barb of fire : twenty poems of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity : with selected passages from Blessed Columba Marmion, OSB.
Leominster : Gracewing, 2001.

PR6070.O657 M97 1995
Torkington, David.
The mystic : from charismatic to mystical prayer.
New York : Alba House, c1995.