Thursday, February 17, 2005

New Collections Available in the GTU Archives

The following collections have recently been opened and are available for use by the public. Contact Lucinda Glenn, GTU Archivist to arrange an appointment, or visit the GTU Archives website for further information.

GTU 97-12-02
Hogue, Harland E. (Harland Edwin), 1908-
The Harland E. Hogue oral history collection.
Hogue, 1908-99, was Professor in Homiletics and Church History at the Pacific School of Religion. He wrote the history of PSR, Christian Seed in Western Soil, and was active in the formation and early history of the Graduate Theological Union.

GTU 98-7-02
Northern California Ecumenical Council.
Northern California Ecumenical Council collection, 1943-1996.
Records of the Council of Churches

GTU 2001-9-01
Pacific and Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies (Berkeley, Calif.).
Pacific and Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies Collection, 1972-2002.
PACTS was based at the Graduate Theological Union 1972-2002.

GTU 2001-11-02
United Campus Christian Ministry. San Jose State University.
United Campus Christian Ministry, San Jose State University collection 1953-2001.
Ecumenical campus ministry in San Jose, California, ca. 1960-95.

GTU 2003-11-01
Whitaker, Robert, 1863-1944.
Robert W. Whitaker Collection, 1885-1969.
Whitaker, 1869-1944, was a Baptist minister and a Socialist activist in California active in labor issues and universal religion.